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Dr. Eric Strande  &  Dr. Sherri Augustine

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Mequon Chiropractic Office

Call early!! Days get busy quickly here! Rest assured that we will do our very best to see you as soon as possible! Often on the same day if possible.

New Patients Seen Quickly

We will work with your MD and refer when needed!

​We are not a quick in-and-out practice. Yes, we use our time efficiently but we also combine massage, ultrasound, exercises, etc into our therapy to help your results LAST!

​​​It has truly been our privilege to be  "Mequon's Chiropractors" for over 34 years now.  Dr. Eric & Dr. Sherri came together 28 years ago with 1 simple goal: TREAT ALL PEOPLE AS WE WOULD OUR OWN FAMILY.  As the healthcare landscape changes, we remain devoted as ever to guiding our patients forward using education, compassion and gentle techniques.




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